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Catering Menu Riverside & Johnston



Half pan - serves 10-12

Full pan - serves 20-22

Chicken Parmesan

Boneless chicken breast breaded with a seasoned panko bread crumb coating, topped with Dan's Marinara, shredded cheese and parmesan cheese

Half Pan $50.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Chicken Marsala

Boneless chicken breast lightly floured and sauteed with mushrooms, garlic with Marsala wine sauce 

Half Pan $50.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Shepard's Pie

Traditional Shepard's Pie with Schroder's Own fresh ground beef, corn, gravy topped with mashed potatoes

Half Pan $50.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Lemon Chicken

Boneless chicken cutlets sauteed with an Italian seasoned egg batter in a lemon wine sauce with artichokes and mushrooms 

Half Pan $50.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Beef Brisket

Seasoned, grilled and slow roasted brisket, thinly sliced and served in a mushroom au jus 

Half Pan $50.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Teriyaki Skewers

Tender beef or boneless chicken breast marinated in Dan's Own teriyaki sauce 

Half Pan $50.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Pulled Pork

Slow roasted with red onion, garlic and pulled in a light honey BBQ sauce

Half Pan $50.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Baked Ham

Buffet style with a brown sugar glaze or traditional pineapple and cherry garnish, sliced and ready to serve 

Half Pan $60.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Roast Turkey

Slow roasted all natural turkey breast in a turkey au jus, sliced and ready to serve 

Half Pan $60.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Stuffed Peppers

Sweet green peppers stuffed with Schroder's Own fresh beef, rice, onion, chourico, seasoning and simmered in a light tomato chicken stock sauce 

Half Pan $50.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Swedish Meatballs

Homemade Swedish meatballs in gravy 

Half Pan $50.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Eggplant Parmesan

Lightly breaded eggplant sauteed till golden brown, layered with shredded cheese and Dan's Marinara 

Half Pan $42.00 | Full Pan $70.00

Quiche Lorraine$18.00

Bacon, Swiss cheese, onion flavor this 10' quiche

French Meat Pie$18.00

Schroder's Own fresh grown beef and pork lightly seasoned in a 10" pie


Baked Ziti

Made with Dan's marinara, ricotta cheese, roasted garlic, minced pepperoni, topped with fresh parmesan and mozzarella cheeses Half Pan $58.00 | Full Pan$98.00

Macaroni & Cheese

Schroder's Own homemade cheese sauce, with buttery cracker crumb topping

Half Pan $58.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Italian Lasagna$50.00

Traditional layers of Schroder's Own ground beef and sausage, roasted garlic, Dan's Marinara Sauce, ricotta cheese and an Italian cheese blend

Deluxe Mac & Cheese

Ground chourico, linguica, pepperoni, green & red peppers and onions are added to Schroder's Own homemade cheese sauce to make a rich and flavorful alternative to our traditional dish

Half Pan $50.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Pasta Primavera

Penne pasta, sautéed vegetables in a parmesan white wine and garlic sauce topped with cheese and baked until golden brown 

Half Pan $50.00 | Full Pan $98.00

Vegetable Lasagna$50.00

Seasoned, roasted vegetables, roasted garlic and ricotta cheese layered with Alfredo sauce and an Italian cheese blend

Penne & Marinara

Half Pan $25.00 | Full Pan $50.00


Choose from one of our sandwich platters or we will help you choose a custom platter that will be just right for your occasion
serves 10-12(Small)
serves 20-22(Large)

Cheesy Tray

Variety of cheeses from our deli, cut for serving with crackers, garnished with fruit. Crackers included 

Small $30.00 | Large $56.00

Fresh Fruit Platter

Delicious assortment of seasonal fruit artfully displayed 

Small $25.00 | Large $42.00

Filled Fingertip Platter$42.00

24 fingertip sandwiches filled with our freshly made salads: chicken, tuna, seafood, ham


Assorted fresh vegetables cut for snacking, herb dip arranged on garnished tray

Small $25.00 | Large $42.00

Wrap Platter$64.00

Assorted wraps filled with Schroder's Own Roast Turkey, Roast Beef and ham, American cheese, lettuce, tomato 

Calzone Platter$28.00

Choose from one of our calzones, we will cut and platter, ready for serving 

Homestyle Meat Platter

Schroder's Own Roast Beef and turkey, baked ham, Genoa salami, American cheese 

Small $40.00 | Medium $55.00 | Large $74.00

Italian Meat Platter

Genoa salami, hot and sweet capicola, pepperoni, baked ham, provolone cheese 

Small $40.00 | Medium $58.00 | Large $78.00

Deviled Eggs

Halved eggs stuffed with our creamy homemade filling 

$10.00 (one dozen)


Add grilled chicken to any of our salads.
served 10-12(Small)
serves 20-22(Large)

Tossed Salad

Mixed greens topped with fresh cut vegetables, Italian dressing on the side 

Small $20.99 | Large $30.99

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, Caesar dressing on the side 

Small $20.99 | Large $30.00

Greek Salad

Iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, kalamatta olives, feta cheese, red onion, banana pepper rings, Greek dressing on the side 

Small $24.99 | Large $34.99

Spring Mix Salad

Mixed spring greens, bleu cheese, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, honey balsamic vinaigrette on the side 

Small $24.99 | Large $34.99


Mixed greens topped topped with marinated mushrooms, marinated artichokes, roasted red peppers, Genoa salami, proscuitto, provolone cheese, honey balsamic vinaigrette on the side 

Small $40.00 | Large $64.00


Serves 10-12 (half pan)

Serves 20-22 (full pan)

Broccoli Au Gratin

Broccoli florets in a creamy cheese sauce and topped with buttery Ritz cracker crumbs

Small $38.00 | Large $70.00

Glazed Carrots

Baby carrots in a homemade orange and cinnamon glaze

Small $36.00 | Large $70.00

Potatoes Au Gratin

Thinly sliced potatoes baked in Dan's creamy cheese sauce

Small $38.00 | Large $70.00

Mashed Potatoes

Traditional homemade creamy mashed potatoes 

Small $36.00 | Large $70


Creamy risotto with mushrooms and cheddar cheese

Small $36.00 | Large $70.00


Chopped seasonal roasted vegetables tossed in Dan's Marinara Sauce, topped with shredded cheese and baked until golden brown

Small $36.00 | Large $70.00

Roasted Vegetable Medley

Chopped seasonal vegetables with olive oil and seasonings 

Small $36.00 | Large $70.00

Roasted Red Bliss Potato Wedges

Red bliss potato wedges, parmesan cheese and seasonings 

Small $36.00 | Large $70.00

Scalloped Potatoes

Thinly sliced potatoes baked in Dan's creamy cheese sauce, layered with caramelized onions 

Small $38.00 | Large $70.00

Seasoned Green Beans

Steamed green beans, sautéed in roasted garlic and seasoned to perfection

Small $36.00 | Large $70.00

Wild Rice

Like regular rice but WILD

Small $36.00 | Large $70.00

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